Video is King

posted by Digital Group on 8th February 2018

You may of noticed – or not – but I am not one of those clever creative types or an academic book worm … nope my love is of stats, stats and more stats. This week I have been looking into the vlogging/ video media for a client. Some believe video is king – online video engagement is the must have social platform and I am sure this will move into new, interesting avenues as individuals develop exciting ways to incorporate periscope within their social media.

Whilst researching facts and figures to develop our client strategy. I became interested in an article on Coca-Cola who reportedly recently tested the new promotion unit slideshow available on Facebook. For a two week period Coca-Cola focused upon the Kenya and Nigeria market. Their objective being to target emerging markets where the consumer may have out dated phones or networks that offer much slower or restricted download opportunities. During the two week period the project reached some 2 million consumers raising their brand awareness in Africa by 10 points.

Given that online video is increasingly, seen as the biggest social growth market, this offering opens some compelling new online opportunities for those seeking to enter markets who may not be as technologically apt or well developed amongst us! I know that these on-line portals are not a new concept but given that Facebook has the biggest worldwide membership of any social platform, yet it is not in fact the most-visited social platform—YouTube actually is, I really do think we will see some exciting new growth opportunities opening to new markets.