Increase your site’s conversion rate today with these 30 quick tactics!

posted by Digital Group on 1st March 2019

Everyone loves having more traffic on their site, as more traffic means more customers and more revenue. However, boosting traffic to your site isn’t the only way to achieve more sales. Instead, increasing your conversion rate is oftentimes much quicker and much cheaper to do! So, if you’re curious and looking for unique ways to do exactly this, then here are our 30 best tactics to try.

1. Load your opt-in forms above the fold

By making your buy button or opt-in form easy to find, you’ll likely find that conversions increase immediately. And what better space than by placing one above-the-fold so it is visible as soon as the page loads?

2. Don’t overhype your offering

Yes, it is important to build excitement around what you are offering, but do be wary of overselling it. These days, people easily pick up on when you are trying to compensate by exaggerating the benefits of something. Instead, be factual and honest about how good your product really is and it should sell itself.

3. Use only the best images

It is crazy how many people seem to use low quality, grainy images on their sales pages and landing pages. They create an air of poor quality which will then be transferred to whatever you are selling as well.

4. Test out different action words

Action words should be used to inspire the reader into signing up or buying from you. We recommend testing different action word variants within your CTA lines.

5. Try different CTAs

As well as tweaking individual action words, tweak the overall CTA. Here are a few good examples of CTAs that tend to perform well:

  • Reserve your space at our live webinar now
  • Act today and save money
  • Grab this exclusive offer before time runs out

6. Remove distracting page elements

Do away with distracting images, graphics, sections of text and whatever else. When it comes to the point that you are trying to convert, make it big, clear and easy to find. Adding too many other elements may distract or ward off the buyer.

7. Ensure your copy is easy to read

It is usually best to use short, easy-to-read sentences on any sales page. Not everyone can read and understand long and complex sentences. So keep to the point and don’t get too fancy with your writing.

8. Showcase your social media following

Social media follower counts add trust as they highlight that you are already a trusted presence online. Of course, the higher your follower count the better, so work on growing these simultaneously.

9. Focus in on the benefits

It sounds simple, but make sure you highlight the benefits of what it is you are offering. It is often smart to repeat benefits clearly in a summary form at the end of a long page of sales copy.

10. Humanise your site through images

There’s a rule in sales that “people buy from people”. So a great way to add that human element to an online sale is by adding images of yourself and your team throughout the page. This builds trustworthiness and is a quick and easy way to increase conversions.

11. Try to avoid links

In the past, many people used text-based links as a means to try and convert people. However, nowadays they look tacky and less trustworthy. Instead, switch these out for nice, high-quality, colourful buttons that really pop off the page.

12. Test different content lengths

We recommend creating 2 or 3 different sales pages, each one varying greatly in length and detail. You might well find that the shorter one sells much better than a longer, more drawn out one; or vice versa.

13. Upsell through discounts

If someone is already buying something, then resell them at the point of sale by offering bolt-on discounts for related products. This is a quick and easy way to add an extra sale to your bottom-line.

14. Incorporate videos

Videos are a fantastic way of engaging the visitor and showcasing that you are indeed a real person. Keep videos short but use them to repeat the core USP’s behind your company and why the person will want to buy from you or subscribe to your emails.

15. Test different headlines

Your page’s headline is crucial as it can be used to capture the reader’s attention immediately and hook them in. We recommend writing 5 to 10 headlines and then showing them around and analysing them all side-by-side to find the best one.

16. Offer multiple methods of payment

Choice is a good thing when it comes to paying for your products. Though the majority of your customers may be happy to use PayPal, perhaps 20% aren’t. So just by including credit/debit payment options you can increase conversions massively.

17. Integrate chat functionality near to the CTA

Having a chat button near to the purchase section is a great way for people to contact you about any final concerns or worries they have for your product. Just by answering one simple question, you can turn somebody form a maybe-buyer into a closed sale.

18. Have one clear offering

Do you have multiple skews and variations of a relatively similar product? Perhaps you have multiple small products and different packages for people to purchase. Well, too much variety can easily cause customers to become disillusioned. Instead, limit choice and ideally sell just one clear product.

19. Reduce the amount of requested data fields

By reducing the amount of requested information in your sign up forms or checkout pages, you make it far easier for people to convert. Many people are wary of giving over things like phone number and addresses, so ask yourself what information is absolutely necessary.

20. Make some data fields optional

If you’re not too keen on removing some data input fields altogether, then make them optional. This is a good middle ground that will still allow you to capture all desired data from at least some people.

21. Add in customer testimonials

Throughout any sales copy for the product or download, include reviews and testimonials from existing customers. These can be used to further highlight that you are legitimate and that real people do already love your product.

22. Mix up your buttons

You should split test the size, shape and colour of any CTA buttons you use. Marketers always find that certain colour and style combinations work far better than others and can boost conversions by a whole percentage point or more.

23. Showcase your contact details

This is another quick and easy way to build trust between you and the potential customer. Just by having your details there, they know you are someone they can contact easily if ever they have issues.

24. Highlight the value on offer

As well as listing what your product does, explicitly explain what value the other person gets. Sure, selling something that’s better other similar products is good, but make it clear how your product will bring added value to the lives of the buyer.

25. Integrate some form of guarantee

If you are selling a product, then offer a 7, 14 or 30-day money-back guarantee. As long as your product truly is great, then you shouldn’t have to deal with many returns. Instead, the number of increased sales will likely far outweigh these.

26. Direct the visitor through the page

Though this might sound like a ludicrous point to you, it can sometimes be confusing for people to know where to go to complete a given conversion. Especially on extremely long sales pages with multiple CTAs. It is often useful to use things like arrows to help curate the flow of someone reading through the page.

27. Let people “checkout as a guest”

Creating an account every time you buy something is a tedious process that many people hate. It can, therefore, act as another point of friction before making a purchase. Instead, let people checkout as guests, rather than needing to create a and register for a new account.

28. Design bespoke landing pages

If you wish to increase conversions for PPC adverts, then ensure that every visitor is directed to a bespoke landing page. For example, if they are from a certain geographical location, then ensure they go to a page that is targeted to that audience segment.

29. Add excitement into your descriptions

Throughout the sales page for a free download or product to purchase, be sure to maintain and build excitement. Yes, people want to learn the practical details about what you’re offering, but what makes it desirable is how you structure your page and how you get across a sense of personality in your writing.

30. Create scarcity

Scarcity is a fantastic tool to drive more sales. You can do so easily by limiting the number of people who can download a free offering or purchase your latest product or service. 

Conversions come in all shapes and sizes. For some, it means making a sale and for others it means collecting email subscribers. Either way, you can use almost all of these 30 tips to help boost your own conversion rates. You just need to think strategically about who your target customer is and how you can make your landing pages more attractive and appealing to them.