Five reasons why you need SSL

posted by Digital Group on 18th May 2019

Here are our five key reason when we recommend that you install SSL to your site. So, what is an SSL Certificate, and do you really need it for your website?
SSL is the abbreviation of Secure Socket Layer that is the technical term in simple terms an SSL will provide you with safe place for communication via the internet between your host and the user visiting your site.

1. SSL protects Data

Data protection for yourself and your user is the core function of an SSL certificate. By installing SSL on your site, all information then becomes encrypted. Basically, data will be locked and can only be unlocked by the intended recipient (browser or server). Giving peace of mind to those who maybe sharing sensitive data such as Identity, passwords, payment details, etc. Knowing the information is encrypted information will deter and protect against the threat of hackers and skimmers.

2. SSL confirms your identity

Secondly, the presence of an SSL certificate is to provide authentication to a website. Identity verification is such an important aspect as far as web security is concerned. Without a doubt the reputation of internet deception is increasingly prevalent to the user deceptive. Be it through false accounts, fraud etc. This is where the acknowledgement to the user that an SSL certificate identifies a trusted site and safer user experience.

3. SSL improves your search engine Ranking

Quiet possibly the most request statement as a web developer from a client “make me number one on Google!” Well we can’t guarantee that however, since 2014, Google made changes to its algorithm in order to give an advantage to those who held an HTTPS enabled website. Followed by the announcement that all non-encrypted site would be flagged up to the user as of 2018.

Example of an unsecure website

Past studies have been performed since this date to support finding that non secure sites are increasingly being ignored in the search page ranking.

4. SSL satisfies PCI DSS requirements

If you accept online payments via your website you will already be required to follow payment card industry date security standards PCI/DSS requirements. In which case installing an SSL certificate is one of the 12 primary requirements set by the payment card industry (PCI). As such, SSL is an essential—whether you want it or not.

5. SSL Improves Customer Trust

That simple S visible within your URL, other than the great aspect of encryption and authentication, the knowledge that customers are using a site secured with an SSL certificates is going to be absolutely vital from a website user trust point of view. The fact that it is easily identified signs inform the users that any data they send will be secured. Additionally, installing an OV or EV SSL, they are able to see your businesses details. Knowing that you’re a legitimate they’re far more likely to do business with you or even revisit your site.

If you think your website is insecure or would like to learn more about installing an SSL certificate on your website, drop us a message and we’ll have your website safe and secure in no time!