Choosing how to build your new WordPress site: Theme vs Bespoke?

posted by Digital Group on 10th November 2018

When it comes to building a new website for your business, chances are you’re going to end up using WordPress. Which is great! The WordPress publishing platform now accounts for more than 75 million websites, which is a truly astounding number. However, it’s not exactly difficult to see why. Using WordPress is a breeze.

It wasn’t built for use by high-end web developers, but was instead created as a platform to help regular people build effective websites to promote their businesses. However, with so many people using WordPress to develop their site, this leads to one very important question. Should you use a WordPress theme or instead pay to develop a bespoke site?

Choosing a theme

Themes are pre-made website templates which you can then customise to suit your business’s needs. You can very quickly and easily edit most of the text and imagery that you can see on the theme. You can also adjust things like colour schemes and navigational links, without upsetting the responsiveness of the design too much.

Sound easy? Well, that’s because it is! Themes are an integral part of WordPress’s astounding success, simply because they help people to customise a site with little to no training. However, this does cause one very obvious problem. Your site will be, fundamentally, very similar to hundreds or thousands of other websites already active.

Sure, your branding and the text you choose to display will be different. However, there will be no uniqueness about your site. Instead of being a true representation of your brand, it can easily become more of an add-on that you feel you must have, but don’t truly want. Your customers might easily pick up on this as well.

Going bespoke

On the flip side, you could choose to design a truly bespoke website through WordPress. This allows you 100% customisation with regards to the finished build. This is particularly effective if your business requires your site to contain some more complex features that a typical WordPress theme will not contain, such as some sort of interactive graphic.

Of course, choosing to go bespoke means paying someone to build your site for you. Naturally, this is far more expensive as they will need to spend time speaking to you, getting to know your wants and then building the finished site. After rounds of revisions, this could quickly go into the hundreds or even thousands of pounds. But look at what you get for your money.

You will be left with a site that is truly unique, fit for purpose and which makes your company stand out. If you tried adding customisation to a theme, it would either not work, or would end up taking you hours and hours to fix any issues that arise when tweaking the design. You could well find out that, once you account for your time, energy and stress, it is more worthwhile paying for the bespoke site from the get-go.

Ultimately, there is no clear winner in the argument between theme vs bespoke. Your final choice will depend largely on things like budget, growth plans, website needs and your personal experience with WordPress. But after reading this, hopefully you have a firmer understanding of what route is best for you. So which will it be, theme or bespoke?